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Welcome. You have a home for your Medicare  plan questions.

Most of us look to professional advisors for important services they need be it law, accounting or financial planning. The fact is that when it comes to Medicare there is no one to turn to. When you become eligible through attainment of age 65, disability or have end stage renal disease, who do you ask for help that is a specialist in this field?  Your health and your quality of life will depand more on the decisions you make. Serious stuff, and we take it just that way.  But also you are equipped with the age and experience to make your own decisions if you are provided with a clear explanation and accurate data.


If you are an advisor, human resources professional  or health care provider and find your client or employee with Medicare plan concerns, we are your resource. We have depth and experience in Medicare plan options and will understand your needs as well as those of your client or employee.

Our Commitment
We take health insurance as a very serious decision. One that can ultimately affect a person's quality of life. We have a duty not only to you but to the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services if we are dealing with a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan and to the Departments of Insurance for a Medicare Supplement plan.

Working with the Medicare eligible is serious business. The format and how things are presented are critical  in order to maintain a delivery system that is compliant in every way.

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